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Victoria Louviere

Owner-Artistic Director-Choreographer-Instructor

Victoria began dancing at the age of 18 months at her mom’s studio. She spent her childhood and teen years traveling, performing, and competing across the country. For her this was the start of an exciting journey to learn and train in every style and genre of dance....


Peyton Pourciau

Instructor- Choreographer

Peyton has been in the dance world his entire life. Since the age of 2, he has been dancing and studying all genres of dance. He competed and performed throughout the U.S. earning numerous scholarships and Best Dancer titles from many different competitions and conventions....

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Saige Brady

Instructor- Choreographer

Saige began dancing at the age of 2 and soon developed a passion for it. By the age of 8 she was a competitive performer traveling throughout the country. As a soloist performer she received many awards, including national dance titles, and study scholarships....


Paulet Rivet

Instructor- Choreographer

Paulet holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and is graduate of dance. She has studied with numerous master teachers throughout the U.S. and is a certified member by examination of Dance Educators of America. Paulet has been awarded for her choreography both regionally and nationally...

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Morgan Sellers

Instructor- Choreographer

Morgan is graduate of Elite Dance Force and Lafayette High Performing Arts Academy. She has training in all genres of dance but says her favorite is jazz and musical theatre. Morgan became a successful dance competitor at the age of 5 winning national titles, scholarships, and Allstar Performer throughout the country....

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Kennady Stansbury

Instructor- Choreographer

Kennady is graduate of Elite Dance Force with extensive training in all genres of dance. She spent 14 years as a competitive dancer performing as a soloist and in groups. Kennady has received numerous awards, including national titles....

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Curtlyn Meyers

Instructor- Choreographer

Curtlyn is graduate of Elite Dance Force and has been teaching for 4 years. She is trained in all forms of dance. As an award-winning competitive dancer, Curtlyn has had the opportunity to continue her training in all forms of dance through numerous workshops and master...


Bridget Judice


Bridget has been a part of dance for majority of her life. In 1990, she opened the doors to Bridget’s Dance Academy in Loreauville, Louisiana. Throughout her time as the owner/director of BDA, Bridget and her faculty and staff were committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the...  

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Jaden Carriere


Jaden is a 2022 graduate of Elite Dance Force. Jaden began dancing at the age of two and has been dancing a total of 15 years. For the past six years, Jaden has been dancing competitively with the EDF competition team. Jaden has won numerous regional and national awards and scholarships....


Sloane Judice

Instructor- Choreographer

Sloane has been growing up in her mother’s dance studio ever since she could walk. She is a graduate of Loureauville High School and a dance graduate of Bridget’s Dance Academy.  During her time at BDA, Sloane danced competitively for 7 years....

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